Typical Daywear

This is my go to outfit for the Massachusetts fall days. ❤

Typical Daywear
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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby It's Cold Outside

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My sources of inspiration


i love my pinterest to death. you can bet that most of the pictures i have will be from things i find on there. ive already used a lot of style tips and things from there.


less for fashion, more just pop culture things.

Chanel, Tiffanys, KATE SPADE, apple, my boyfriend (justin :)), j.crew, madewell, the pleasure seekers (movie), old photos from my family collection, keira knightley, anne hathaway, asos, vera bradley….

The Comfy Collective

Just a few great ways to stay comfortable while still looking fashionable that I’ve found across the web!


Stay Comfy!



These are a few of my favorite things

apologies on the completely cliche starting post with a 60s song reference. I couldn’t resist. so as aforementioned these are things, patterns, designs, products i love. in a nut shell. also its sorta my dream list. i tend to have expensive taste, that i cant afford… what girl doesn’t like to dream?